Install, Maintain, Takedown & Store. We take care of it all.



No Holiday hassles this year. Our company takes care of it all. What better way to enjoy your holidays than by not having the worry and hassle of putting up and taking down your Christmas lights? Christmas Decor installsmaintainstakes down and stores your lights so you can spend more time with your loved ones! Instead of worrying about decorating your house, you and your family can enjoy baking cookies, sipping hot chocolate, and singing Christmas carols beside the fireplace. No longer will you have to freeze outside while putting the lights on the house or assembling the ground decorations.

Every year Christmas Decor will come to your house or business and install the lights and be back next year to reinstall. Make it easier on yourself by giving Christmas Decor a call, so you can spend more time with your family this holiday season!




This past holiday season, Christmas Decor brought a little extra holiday spirit into the homes of military families with its annual Decorated Family Program. With more than 300,000 American soldiers deployed overseas this holiday season, families across the nation are facing the challenge of preparing for the holidays without their loved ones. Christmas Decor has stepped in to light up the homes of the families of these brave men and women. Each holiday, hundreds of Christmas Decor franchisees nationwide participate in this program by donating their products, resources and time to decorate the homes of local military families as part of the Decorated Family Program.The Decorated Family Program is a special way to thank our country’s soldiers for their dedication and support by decorating their families’ homes.

Go Green with LED

LEDs are environmentally friendly. They use less energy to operate and will reduce your electric bill. LEDs last 25 times longer than incandescent lights and use 90% less power. Incandescent lights use filaments whereas LEDs use tiny solid-state chips that produce very little heat which makes them last 25 times longer.

Special Event Lighting

Enjoy your landscaping in all it's glory both day and night with low voltage accent lighting. Low voltage lighting can illuminate trees, shrubs and architectual details. Special occasions call for lighting such as weddings, parties and corporate get-togethers and we can set the mood with a wide variety of lighting options.







Lawn America

Our Services Include


  • Residential Lighting
  • Commercial Lighting
  • Commericial Displays
  • Life-size statues, figures
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Ground Lighting
  • Specialty Decorations
  • Holiday Lighting
  • Special Event Lighting

Our other Christmas Decor Video

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We have always been pleased with the
service you provide year after year with
             our christmas lights
              -Lynda Parrish


Some of our Newer Products

Red & Green Splash Lights bring color to your outdoors.

Splash lights comes in three different colors. Blue, Green, & Red

(Top) Winter white snowfall tubes hang in the tree alone.

(Bottom) The snowfall tubes bring the lit tree to life with motion. This new product comes in winter white and warm whites. 

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