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Benefits of Installing a Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are an awesome addition to your property for both physical aesthetic and functional purposes. Do you experience an excess of water on or around your property? Does the soil around your house erode away leaving you with minimal usable foot space? Well then let Pennsylvania Lawn and Landscapes level your property, protect your home from water damage, and bolster the aesthetic of your outdoor space with expertly installed retaining walls. Properties located in a multitude of areas can benefit from the addition of a retaining wall, such as houses at the top of a hill, houses at the bottom of a hill or flood plain, and houses that just need an outdoor design with more depth in an otherwise flat yard. No matter the reason for getting a retaining wall installed the most important decision is to have PA Lawn & Landscapes take the helm so the project can yield its maximum benefit.

Types of Retaining Walls

Benefits of Installation

A little extra room

For homes which are located atop a hill, the property issue is usually level foot space in the yard rather than flooding. Retaining walls can be installed forming flat, level areas you can now utilize for many family-friendly activities.

Keep the water out

For homes located at the bottoms of hills or along floodplains, water can be your worst nightmare. Elevating patios, common areas, or even the ground itself, to divert water from the home’s foundation will be necessary if you want to keep the stress of water damage at bay.

That Extra Bit Of Hardscape Perfection

 Even if your home is in a dry area and perfectly safe from water damage, retaining walls can add a great deal of style and depth to your yard’s overall design. Having different outdoor spaces, on different tiers or terraces, can make your living area enjoyable and fresh with every visit.

Bonus Tip – Create Necessary Drainage

With every retaining wall installed there is the threat of water; with every threat of water comes some form of drainage solution. If you can’t displace the water where you are, you are in some big trouble and a wall is the least of your concern. Do yourself a favor and add several drainage solutions to your retaining wall project, use gravel and perforated piping underneath and through your construction to ensure water is diverted away from your property effectively. 

This can be a fairly important property upgrade so remember to keep in mind what material is best for your situation, have a sophisticated drainage plan, and thoroughly contemplate your aesthetic design. If you have a solid plan the addition of a retaining wall will be an effective and stressless addition to your property. Make sure when you start planning to give Pennsylvania Lawn and Landscapes a call, we will gladly take on any project big or small and can’t wait to provide you with the best results money can buy.

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