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Does the snow wreak havoc on my hardscape?

You paid good money and worked hard to have your dream hardscape installed. Now the relentless winter is heaping mounds of snow upon your beautiful new pavers. If you are not sure what the best ways are to defend your investment, continue reading. The next few paragraphs may save your outdoor living area’s aesthetic.


Any form of precipitation can damage your hardscape. This is especially true in winter when melted snow constantly seeps into the ground and hardscape material. When water freezes it expands and will crack or break cement, pavers, and just about any other hardscape feature.


Salt is often used to provide grip over icy surfaces and is sometimes necessary for safety concerns but wreaks havoc on your pavers. There are less damaging alternatives to pure rock salt, like calcium magnesium acetate & even cat litter will provide some much-needed grip.

Snow Removal

Constant shoveling and ice melting will take their toll on your pavers. If you have the time, broom the snow off as it falls instead. Using only a plastic shovel will also help prevent some unwanted damage when there are larger snowfalls.

Install an awning or pergola

If constant shoveling and harsh chemicals aren’t the answer for you, you could always beat the snow to the punch and install a covering for your outdoor living area. This can provide a beautiful setting that is more weather-resistant and useable throughout the year.

Winter is most the most trying time of year for any outdoor feature on your property. With each investment you make, there is the long-term task of maintenance that you should always consider. At Pennsylvania Lawn and Landscape, we have a firm belief that you should always be satisfied with your investment. So follow the tips in this blog or contact us to make sure you are treating your outdoor living space with the respect it deserves.

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