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Fire Features To Add To Your Patio

Are you looking for a unique piece to add to your backyard that is both functional and stylish? Adding a fire feature, whether that be a fire pit, a fire bowl, a fire table, etc. to the space might be your answer! These features are the perfect addition to entertain your family and friends all year round. Everyone can sit around the fire chatting, roasting marshmallows for smores, cooking food, or just relaxing by the warmth the fire gives off. No matter what time of the year, you’ll be able to get used out of this gorgeous feature. The major question is which one should you choose for your outdoors?

Fire Pits

These are some of the most common features you’ll find in almost every outdoor space. But you can give your patio or backyard a custom fire pit that speaks to the aesthetic of your design and beauty of your landscape. Also, you can include custom features including an automatic starter where you never have to worry about having enough wood. You can be the perfect spot for camp-style grilling, have ample space for seating, and more!

Fire Bowl

You’re probably wondering what’s the difference between a bowl and a pit? In hindsight, there are not too many differences between the two. Fire bowls are smaller and specifically designed to be portable. Styles can still vary making it easy to blend in with your yard. One benefit of having it portable is the fact that you can store it in the shed, basement, and more for the upcoming winter or when you’re not using it for long periods of time. These models need to be started manually as there’s no way to have an automatic starter built-in.

Fire Table

Out of the four features mentioned so far, this might be the most functional for all of your needs. It checks off a lot of categories. It automatically lights by either natural gas or propane, it’s the perfect hang out spot because there’s a table to hold drinks, food, etc., the flame is small enough not to burn anything on the table, but it still gives off a lot of heat. These tables can be in the center of the entertainment area or they can be smaller coffee tables around the chairs.

Fire Columns

This feature will definitely get people talking when they’re hanging out in your yard. Essentially, this column is the best of both fire pit and fire bowl worlds. With the height, it’s going to be an automatic light powered by either natural gas or propane. It’s perfect if you don’t have a large space to work with, but still want a fire feature. Unfortunately, with their slim size, the columns won’t be able to really cook or grill food like the others.

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