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Garden Trends of 2022

Winter may make the landscape bleak, but soon spring will be here and warmer temperatures mean it’s time to start planting your new garden! Here are some landscaping trends of 2022.

Unique Foliage

2022 is full of juxtaposition in gardening. Colors are pairing bold, pairing pastels with fire tones and tropical plants with natural foliage. Tropical plants have always been a favorite, but have seen a recent boost in popularity. The bold colors of Caladriums and the tall blooms of Cannas, pair wonderfully with another popular garden trend – pastel blossoms. Pastels mixed with bold, fire-tone tropicals help balance your landscape for a not-too-busy but not-too-boring landscape. Unsure what pastels to choose? Look into indigenous and native planting that encourages native insects, lizards, butterflies, and bees for a healthier environment.

If native blossoms aren’t your style, choose native grasses that come in a variety of shades and hues. Designing with dark foliage such as Smoke Bushes and Crape Myrtle work together to balance out bold and light colors, like fireworks in the night sky!

Edible Garden Trends

Farm to table gained traction a few years ago, but bringing the farm to your home garden has continued to evolve and grow. In 2021, seed companies recorded record sales and even some shortages. Planting your own food has many benefits, such as control over your food for clean eating, saving money on produce, learning new skills, and reducing plastic use and emissions involved in food transport..

Edible gardens aren’t exactly a new concept, with World War 2 style victory gardens serving as a great starting point for many novice gardeners and inspiration for experienced gardeners alike. If vegetables are too difficult to maintain with ever-increasing schedules now that the world is returning to normal, consider herbs and spices instead! They require less space, upkeep, taste better when fresh, and are used frequently in cooking.

Small-Scale Gardening

Gaining popularity in 2020, vertical gardening brought the joys of horticulture to many, especially those in cramped apartments or small homes with limited outdoor space. A vertical garden also makes spacing out your garden more efficient, maximizing the availability of space for better growth in both decorative and edible plants. All it takes is a bit of creativity with planters on castors, modern stacked pots, revolutionary new watering systems, and some half-decent space planning skills.

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