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Hardscaping Trends of 2023

Hardscaping Trends

Image Text: Some of our most anticipated hardscaping trends for 2023 include seamless tile, loose stone hardscaping, and the growing popularity of outdoor kitchens and dining spaces!Seamless tile refers to creating the illusion of a single environment through a walk-out kitchen and into an outdoor patio. This creates an interrupted flow and with well placed folding doors, you can make your home seem twice its size in a space ideal for entertaining. Pebbles and loose small rock as hardscaping and landscaping elements creates a zen environment reminiscent of a Japanese rock garden. Using these pebbles around fire pits and in drought-prone areas makes for a sustainable and safer environment. It’s also great if you’re planning to build an outdoor kitchen with dining areas! This trend creates usable appliances and cooking space outside your home so you can enjoy great weather without having to be constantly entering and exiting your home.

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