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How To Improve Your Christmas Lights This Season

Every year there’s always a line of homes, an entire street, or a business decking their halls with gorgeous, outrageous lights. Some families have a yearly tradition of seeing the new decorations these areas put up. No matter when you put your lights up, whether it’s the day after Thanksgiving, the beginning of October, or you keep your lights up all year round, these strands of bulbs put a smile on a lot of people’s faces. The big question is, what can you do to improve your lights this year? Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re coming up with that perfect pattern!

Replace the Old Lights

It’s great to reuse lights every single year. However, sooner or later, the wires and the bulbs wear out, especially when it has to sit for months at a time. Inspect the wires throughout the cord to make sure there are no cracks, frayed cords, wires popping through, and more. You’re also looking for any cracked bulbs that might have exposed elements. Once that’s clear, plug the strand in to see if it turns on.

Make the Switch

Are you looking for a safer, cost-effective strand of lights? As pretty as they may be, having these lights on night after night for an entire month or more will add to your electricity bill. Switching to LED lights will make a significant difference in your bill at the end of the month. LED lights are also cooler to the touch than traditional lights making it a safer alternative.

Outdoor vs. Indoor Lights

Not every light is created equal. When searching for lights, you might notice “indoor use only” or “outdoor use only” on the box. The most significant difference between the two is that indoor lights do not have the same insulation and cord as outdoor lights do. They won’t handle the weather, especially the moisture from rain, snow, and ice, because of that missing insulation. Outdoor lighting can be used inside in a pinch, but you might notice that it’s slightly bulkier than indoor lighting.

Don’t Use Nails or Screws

Avoid using nails and screws at all costs when it comes to hanging your lights. You can accidentally damage the wiring when attaching the lights, accidentally shock yourself, or, worse, cause a small area where a leak can form. Instead, use Christmas light clips that are designed to attach to parts of your home, so the lights are secure, but there’s no lasting damage.

Use Ladders Correctly

Whether you have experience with ladders or not, accidents can happen. The best way to use a ladder would be:

Hire A Professional

Did you know some companies put up lights professionally? PA Lawn & Landscape is proudly helping families and businesses decorate all over the Lehigh Valley area! We’re able to bring your vision to life using our special equipment while you stay safely on the ground.

Don’t wait! Contact us today to get your beautiful lights up just in time for the holiday season!

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