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Let There Be Light! A Guide to Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting accentuates the architecture of your home and gives a warm, inviting feeling to your exterior. As summer begins to wind down, it’s a great time to invest in outdoor lighting for your hardscape and landscaped spaces. Host dinner parties and family gatherings outside in the crisp evening air by the fire pit with marshmallows a’roasting! But how do you start?

Spot Lighting

What is spot lighting? In landscaping terms, spotlighting is any bright, recessed LED lighting that is used to bring attention to architectural and landscaping features. Much like on stage, spotlighting should be set by a professional trained to consider spacing, positioning, elevation, landscaping elements like flower boxes and trees, gazebos, patios, and more. The experts at Pennsylvania Lawn & Landscape have over 30 years of landscaping, lawn care, hardscaping, and lighting design and implementation experience and we only use lighting fixtures designed for strength and durability. With brass spotlight fixtures, we are so confident they’ll last that we give a lifetime warranty!

Stairs & Walkways

An important addition to your property, stairs and walkway lighting are less about aesthetics and style and more about safety. Not only for the admiration of the passerby, but for the safety of incoming guests – lighting is important for individuals to know where they’re going and avoid accidents that could result in liability. But when aesthetics are concerned, choose lighting that fits with the architectural style of the housing and set your choices on both sides of the path. Always remember – when it comes to stairs and walkways, function is more important than design but it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice good looking recessed lighting under your steps or rustic-looking solar lights to do it!

Hanging Lights

Fairy lights, Edison bulbs, icicle lights, and globe lights. All these tiny twinkling lights on ceilings, decks, fences, trees, and dangling above from your roof to an are great ways to bring a rustic, homey feeling to any backyard get together that’s sure to feel magical. By using Christmas lights you’ll save on the hassle of storing them for the off-season and make sure that they’re working year-round instead of collecting dust in a garage, basement, or attic. Save yourself the hassle and make sure to choose LED lights to avoid a full blown-out string of lights and only replace the bulbs that have burned out!

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