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Questions To Ask Your Landscaper

Your landscape makes a statement about your home, style, and curb appeal. You can’t trust just anyone off the street to take your home into their hands. Whether you’re planning on having a few plants installed, or more elaborate plans of an outdoor kitchen, the research needs to be done, and the right questions need to be asked. Here are a few important questions you need to ask your landscaper before you hire them.

Where do you get your plants, shrubs & trees?

It’s important to know where the landscaper is getting their materials. You have to know how you take care of the plants, especially if you opt out for regular maintenance. You also need to know if the price will fluctuate.

Do you understand my vision?

 The landscaper must understand what their clients want for their home. They can help guide and recommend designs, but ultimately what you decide needs to be what happens.

How long will the project take?

As a professional, the landscaper should be able to give you an estimation of how long the entire project could take. Obviously, things can happen to delay the project. If that happens, the landscaper should be able to recover as quickly as possible.

Who should I call if there is a problem?

You should be given information about who to contact during the process. If you’re noticing something not looking right during the installation, contact your landscaper sooner rather than later. It’s easier to change things around while everything is being installed, rather than at the very end.

What will the typical day be for the crew?

You’ll want to know how often the landscaping crew will be on your property. Not just for the project itself, but for safety reasons. A schedule should be set in place beforehand that includes what will happen with bad weather and more.

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