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Summer Landscaping

It’s finally time to open up the windows and get outside to enjoy the weather! While your garden may have been ready for spring with initial planting and prep, is your yard ready for summer?

Summer Landscaping Additions

Your grass is mowed and your plants planted in spring, but what else can you add to make your landscaping environment come together? A fence is a great place to start. Although you may need a permit depending on the fence type, go big with a bold, trendy color fence instead of the usual wood stain or white picket fence. Another great addition is a water feature. Either a pond or a birdbath, water landscaping can create a rewarding, cooling environment.

Consumable Gardens

For yards with a space issue and that are late for planting flowers, summer is still a great time to plant fruits and veggies. An edible garden is a great way to get fresh produce on your table, even if it requires a few extra pest control tactics. Another great option is a natural dye garden. If you’re a crafty individual, growing lavender, woad, marigolds, chamomile, and more is wonderful for textile projects! You can also grow lavender and citronella for natural mosquito repellent tactics!

Summer Landscaping


The biggest part of your summer landscaping will always be maintained. Summer is the time to inspect your trees for tree care needs from weak branches to pests. You must also trim your hedges often to prevent the collection of moisture or termites. Check your soil for moisture and acidity levels every year to prepare for the next planting season. Aerate your lawn and keep it mowed not too close to the ground in case of a drought spell and prevent brown, dry spots. These, among other tasks, should be added to your weekly cleaning and to-do lists!

Whatever your landscaping needs from maintenance to design and installations, PA Lawn & Landscape is here to help! Call today to get ahead before summer heats up. 

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